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There are many factors when it comes to how long it may take for us to clean your home. The biggest factor comes down to how much space we have to cover in one visit. Certainly, smaller areas will take less time. The condition of the carpet and the treatment you are asking us to perform also factors in. If you have time constraints or something causing you to have to leave, consider breaking up treatments, or even have us come at a later or earlier date. We can even perform our services while you are not at your home.

When we finish our job at your home, you may notice that your carpets still hold a light amount of moisture. This is 100% normal. However, we do use air movers so that they will dry faster. Also, some areas may take a little longer if we have had to do multiple runs on high traffic areas. We want to leave your carpet in the best possible condition. Our specialists will however leave a few pairs of shoe booties for you and your loved ones to wear around the house until the carpet has finished drying completely.

Once we’ve completed our cleaning job, we will provide you and your loved one’s shoe booties to walk around in while the carpet is still drying. This is completely fine and will bear no effect on the carpets. Drying time varies depending on carpet types. Approximately 2 hours is the average drying time.

When we are in your home cleaning your floors, we do have the ability to move basic furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs, and love seats. We do not move larger items. Heavy or valued pieces like beds, hutches, and china cabinets are things we cannot move. We are only there to clean.

If you have carpet installed in your home, it is pretty standard to expect that you’ll have them cleaned. In the event that something about your carpet is defective, it is doubtful that a cleaning will void your warranty. However, it is a good idea to consult the manufacture before jumping to that conclusion. Make sure you do plenty of research before you purchase anything.

When we come into your home, our last intention is to damage anything. Therefore, we take precautionary steps to shield your walls from our hoses by placing corner guards on the walls that our hoses pass by.

Yes. Our top concern is keeping you and your family safe. We want to improve your quality of living, not interfere with it. We offer soap free cleaning products if you are interested in going that direction. What we use is a product called Procyon which is soap free, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This product is used in many settings, including hospitals and medical facilities. In addition, our machines filter the water so that your carpets are being treated with safe and clean water. If you suffer allergies or any sensitivities, please make sure you let our office know beforehand so that our specialists may come to your home with the correct solutions.

After we leave your home from a deodorizing or carpet protecting visit, you may notice that it stays wet for longer than your average. This is attributed to the fact that we are saturating your carpet with a product and we are not extracting it. We want these products to soak into your carpet fibers deeply so they can be effective. But, we do place air blowers on the carpet so that it can aid it in drying faster. We also leave shoe booties for you and your family.

You may have called our company because your pet has left an surprise in your home and you wish to correct that. When calling our offics, it will help to tell the office assistant you are dealing with pet odor issues so that our specialists can come properly equipped! Usually the problem can be corrected by simply deodorizing the carpets prior and after they are cleaned. It is recommended that during the cleaning process to open the windows for about an hour so that new fresh air can circulate through your home.

While we are cleaning your carpets, you’ll notice that we put your furniture on tabs to separate them from the actual floor. We suggest leaving them there for 24 full hours after we finish cleaning. This is for a few reasons:
Any moisture that is absorbed into your furniture’s legs will easily stain your carpet.
The indentations your furniture leaves will return immediately if the carpet dries with that kind of contact on it.

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